Two Poems

(We) Found Nepenthe At The Apex

Carnivorous figs, insatiable things
youth artists solo arrival
sought three golden silver coughs
drew out the cry
the chafe of an hour
nip me in the bud
trite to say you love aloud
pantomime from inside out
the fennel-flower, poppy seed ring around your black iris garden
as you threaten to slurp the brains out
through my unoffending ear,
tickle me indignant
sacrificial slouching
glut, ingress and egress
lolling grass-stained
shrill pleasure squeals
distant chiming, slumber chanting
labored breathing
Chemo-Brain wears the cotton crown
splay-legged spry refrain
crouched blushing, hot jowls between bare knees
mount Poneh, ride by the glaucous morning light
you can get away
with so much
you can get away
with anything



Go Forth And Thrash [July 19]

It burns, but it cleans
the doe’s glazed gaze
the surprised-sparrow-face
the manic trope assigned
to throbbing hypsoline
all of the spoils and none of the riches
were I a maker of fine decisions I would
fatten upon the throne
a little goddess of sweet smells
glottal slips, clapping heretics to death like mosquitoes
a real pearl of a girl
sending huntsment for velveteen rabbit’s lobes
blasphemous upholstery:
the ermine fainting couch,
cream fellating couch
poach poor women’s eggs in a carmine cumshaw
nuzzle and glut my way out of a rut