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from:    Jean Cousin <>

to:    Natasha Young <>

date:    Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 10:18 AM

subject:    Re: J_R film


the albums are all about these paradoxes

about my own struggle with subjective reality

my own perception of a somewhat concrete world that i'll never fully be able to understand "objectively"

added to my social anxieties, and my isolation tendencies,

my own relation with the "void,"

not doing anything and staying in silence,

so that i'm not affecting the world, the people around me,

cutting down the infinity of possibilities from one moment.

instead i binge on old movies and make too much music. sometimes,

those movies, or particular scenes, express too well all these aspects of subjectivity, reality, perception, consciousness...

as if the light from the film projector, the screen, was the only light in all

this darkness, in the obscurity of my own room. since sampling is

what got me to make music in the first place, and had always been one of my

obsessions, and since i'm more of an "editor" than a musician, i decided

it was time to make the most personal album i could, with a patchwork of film

samples that have affected me in an entirely subjective way,

with my own compositions. therefore,

expressing myself through film, but in a musical form. or, in another way,

making songs but with filmmaking practices, editing, themes...

so yes, it's funny, that there's this three-way afterwards with the film.

i first sampled the audio from the movies and turned them into songs,

then i used visuals samples from the films to serve as a video for the song.

i guess in that way it's "experimental music videos" (which is why it wouldn't

make much sense as one long linear video). it's also serving once again my

relation with "editing".



for the sources.

1. puisque

2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle

4. sans toi

cléo de 5 à 7 

5. persona


6. montage


7. red wing

the dante quartet
(this song is a cover of fuck buttons)

8. sans soleil

sans soleil 
(not online unfortunately)

9. un homme qui dort

un homme qui dort 

10. everything ends here

(this song is a cover of alessandro cortini/blindoldfreak)


soy cuba




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