D. Tiffany: Midnight Getaway




D.Tiffany's first single, "Midnight Getaway," will be released on her upcoming The Genero EP at Vancouver's Sunset Terrace along with Born on the Weekend, a new mixtape by labelmate Regularfantasy. The track is inflected with juddering glassiness, a trancelike lo-fi techno signature honed throughout her career. Accompanying the song is artist Maya Beaudry's stop motion video, a wormhole of abandoned bedrooms and precariously coastal cities cast in premonitory, error-message shades. Together, the sounds and images convey forward motion, a methodical movement through an ominous unknown.



The Genero EP and Regularfantasy's Born on the Weekend
will be released on January 30th at Sunset Terrace.

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Watch Regularfantasy's latest video, "Subaru".

Adrienne Matei

Adrienne Matei wasn't born: she wandered out of a coastal fog. To date the weirdest thing she has written about has been the idiosyncratic mouthfeel of Aji Ichiban dried crabs. She enjoys rapping recreationally, dance parties and gazing longingly out to sea. Her work has appeared in McSweeney's, xoVain, Elle Canada and Vancouver Magazine.